100/365- Kirakishou Pullips

Ah, Kirakishou she is ultimately the reason why I joined the pullip community. I had heard rumors of her release way back in the summer of 2007 but details were kind of sketchy so I ended up joining all the pullip forums to try and get as much information as I could about her. It paid off as I ended up finding out the information I needed to go through a contact in Japan and have them preorder her for me, so I only ended up paying about $175 shipped for her.
100/365- Kirakishou
Kirakishou was my very first grail pullip and is one of my favorites. I had previously bought a second Kirakishou NRFB but almost immediately ended up rehoming her, she was too expensive to keep. I had always kind of regretting selling the second one even with her outrageous cost (she was $500 some). Recently, a bait Kirakishou was brought to my attention; Japan values dolls slightly differently where pullips don’t really lose that much value here in the US if they get deboxed or slightly modified they sell for a whole lot less than there new counterparts in Japan. Most changes to a doll in Japan tend to junk or bait it, unless it’s a custom done by a well known person etc. This new Kirakishou came to me without her box/stand and with a slight bang trim so I only paid less than half of her going rate. Before anyone asks: I have no intentions of selling this one, I had been wanting a second Kirakishou for years and have apparently been waiting for this very girl all this time.

Kirakishou’s skin tone is almost translucent. Her wig isn’t actually pure white there is a slight pink tinge to it.

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3 Responses to 100/365- Kirakishou Pullips

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    The hobby market is tough in Japan! I’m so glad that I feel I can open my dolls/figures without worry that I’ve immediately devalued them to such an extent!

    • kleintoys says:

      It works both ways, in the US market I’ve seen some people want more for a pullip nude/bald than what it sells for brand new on pullipstyle and it’s like :/. A lot of people won’t use Yahoo Japan to source to dolls because you have to go through a bidding agency but because no one else wants to do the legwork I managed to get both dolls for a price I probably couldn’t get either at in the states.

  2. Hope i can get my Kira someday

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