96/365- Lunatic White Rabbit Taeyang & Kirakishou Pullip

Taeyang Lunatic White Rabbit was at the tippity-top of my wishlist for a while, even though I adore Alice in Wonderland I had other plans for him. Ever since he was announced all I could think of when I saw him was about how much he reminded me of Laplace’s Demon of Rozen Maiden.
96/365- Kirakishou & Laplace
As soon as I opened him, I of course just had to photograph him with my pullip Kirakishou.

Before I get too ahead of myself here are some box/solo photos of quite possibly my favorite taeyang.
Lunatic White Rabbit Lunatic White Rabbit Lunatic White Rabbit
I love his lips, I sometimes have find fault with the taeyangs because their lips can be too full and girly for my tastes but I love how Groove Inc did his lips. I really love his face up in general as it is quite different from the other boys’ face ups. Some of the taeyangs seem kind of a bit too similar to each other for my tastes, but Lunatic White Rabbit really stands out from the crowd.
Lunatic White Rabbit
Lunatic White Rabbit’s stock is actually decent quality, it has some really nice detailing to it. I do wish he had something to hook his pocket watch on, on his pants but that is my only complaint.
I was quite surprised to find out that his wig is actually quite long but is secured in a ponytail.
They do make a striking pair!
Kirakishou & Laplace
Kirakishou actually comes with a small Laplace’s Demon plush.
Kirakishou & Laplace

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