97/365- Noir pullip and mini pullip

Little pullip Noir was another of my birthday presents, the Noir pullip she is pictured with is somewhat of a birthday present as well. I used the money I got for my birthday to source a couple of pullips out of Japan namely Noir and Kirakishou. Neither of the dolls were mint so they were relatively cheap compared to the extortion wanted for them on eBay anyway.
97/365- Misfortune and Disaster
The new Noir’s name is Misfortune (fits in with her sisters’ names Anarchy, Madness and Mayhem quite nicely I think) and the mini’s name is Disaster.  The mini pullip is actually the 2nd mini version of Noir released, there was another mini Noir released in the older style of mini pullips.

Misfortune and Disaster
The newer mini version of Noir is a much closer match to the Noir pullip.
Misfortune and Disaster

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