92/365- Zatanna Animated Statue

I went to Buried Under Comics in Manchester, CT earlier today. While it’s a fairly small store, the entire store is packed wall-to-wall with all sorts of awesome. I never leave disappointed as I always find something of interest, today’s item of interest was a Zatanna statue.
92/365 Zatanna Statue
This Zatanna statue came out way back in October of 2004. She is limited to 900 and mine is number 236/900. I had never actually seen this statue in person before, while I was aware of it before today I had never seen it pop up for sale before anywhere. I’m a big fan of the DC Animated Universe so of course Zatanna captured my interest.

Zatanna only appeared in one episode of the Batman the Animated Series as well as  two episodes of the Justice League Unlimited series but since she was such a popular character they made the statue of her.
I love the pose of Zatanna, she is a true show-woman.

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6 Responses to 92/365- Zatanna Animated Statue

  1. Avalon says:

    Oh she’s wonderful! Her expression and pose just screams “Ta-da~” XD

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    So she was in the animated series, she seemed familar but I really can’t remember her well

    • kleintoys says:

      She is in one episode of the Batman Animated Series, the episode is named after her. She pops up twice in the Justice League twice, once in a bit part the other as a central character. She was under-utilized.

  3. Danny Markle says:

    Hello, I was just wondering if you would by any chance be interested in selling your Zatanna Animated Statue? I wrote to you awhile back and you were going to see if by chance any of the Comic Shops near you had her. Just curious if you have founf any or seen any. Please let me know if you want to sell her. I have paypal and it’s a secure account.
    Please let me know. I really want to get this statue.

    Thanks for your time, I truly appreaciate it!!

    Have A Wonderful Day!!

    • kleintoys says:

      Sorry for delay we recently had a hurricane, so I have been working on hurricane prep/without lights for a few days now. I haven’t found another Zatanna yet, I recently was on vacation in Michigan I checked all the local shops there and in Ohio with no luck finding Zatanna. I’m really starting to think I just got exceptionally lucky finding just the one, I’ll continue to keep an eye out for you.

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