91/365 – Vocaloid VN02 Miku

The Vocaloid VN02 Miku figure was another of my birthday gifts.  This figure was made by Max Factory and it came out late last year. While she is a bit of an odd Miku figure, I’ve always been attracted to the movement and sense of fluidity in this figure.
91/365 Vocaloid VN02 Miku
I am also very keen on the almost toxic green that they chose for this figure. The venomous green is a bold color choice but I personally like it, it isn’t a color that is seen very often on anime figures.

Vocaloid VN02 Miku
I was honestly a bit worried about lean with this figure but Max Factory not only provided her with a strong base, they also used part of the figure itself as a brace. One of Miku’s boot spikes (for lack of a better term) connects directly into the base.
Vocaloid VN02 Miku
I just love how dynamic this figure and the best part is Miku even looks good from the behind.
Vocaloid VN02 Miku

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2 Responses to 91/365 – Vocaloid VN02 Miku

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Definitely a lovely Miku 🙂 I love how her hair looks

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