90/365 Harley Quinn Mini-Statue

As some eagle-eyed people may have noticed in this picture (upper right hand), I received one of my grail Harley Quinn items as a gift for my birthday. It’s a Harley Quinn mini-statue by DC Direct. The mini-statue was based on a much larger, wildly popular Harley Quinn statue that came out over ten years ago.   Unfortunately the price of the larger version of the statue has soared over the years due to Harley Quinn’s popularity, even this miniature version costs around $150 these days on the secondary market.
90/365- Harley Quinn Mini Statue
Even though she is tiny (less than three inches tall) the sculpting and the painting on her is superb. Eventually I am going to save up and buy the larger version of the statue as well but for now I am quite happy with her. 
Harley Quinn

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4 Responses to 90/365 Harley Quinn Mini-Statue

  1. She’s beautiful! I would love to get one myself is the price point was lower.

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks 😀 The original MSRP for the statue was $89.95 and then mini-statue was only $39.95 unfortunately they came out a while ago and with Harley Quinn’s popularity their prices have spiraled quite a bit :O

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    I lover how devious that smile is

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