Ordered: BJD Pukipuki Poseidon

Recently, I was able to pay off my layaways for two Fairyland bjds through Denverdoll. Both girls: my Littlefee Luna Fullset who I have named Gin and a Pukifee Ante whose name has not been revealed yet actually arrived on my birthday as well as more giftcards for denverdoll haha! I had been flirting with the idea of getting an antro bjd after taking a good long look at Doll Factory‘s dolls (I especially like the conies ^^; ).  They are something completely different than what I am used to and well the idea of having a little jointed unicorn doll kind of intrigued me. Alas as cool as I think they are I have no practical use for them and I also have no idea how they would fit in with the rest of my crew. So I started looking around at different dolls especially dolls from my beloved Fairyland when I spotted this fishy fellow who was just perfect.
p_poseidon_05 (1)

He is a Fairyland Pukipuki Poseidon, he was released a long while ago alongside his mate Lorelei. They were both long sold out when I started collecting bjd and though I always loved their pictures I figured I would probably never be able to get my hands on one. They were recently re-released for a limited time (during the last Fairyland event) but I passed them over in favor of the Littlefee and the Pukifee I just got. I had preferred Lorelei by I was never really in love with her face I always preferred Poseidon’s more bratty expression but since I normally shy away from the boy dolls I leaned more towards her. Finally I had the realization that I loved him even though he was a boy besides he has a tail so he won’t have the dreaded bits (pukipukis do not have bits anyway).
He is unfortunately sold out through Fairyland again, luckily for me Denverdoll still had one left in stock with natural skin so I was able to order him through them. I’m paying for him via layaway, I could pay for him outright but I like to space out the arrivals of the bjds a bit and paying via layaway lets me do that (plus it’s not as painful as paying all at once).

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