89/365- Pullip Akoya (Kunoichi)

I’ve finally started working my way through my stack of new birthday dolls. I decided that opening them all at once would be way too overwhelming so I am going to open them one at a time on a rather lackadaisical schedule (ie. whenever I feel like it).  Akoya is a part of the ninja set of pullip and company that was released this past December.
89/395 Kunoichi
Overall I think Akoya is a gorgeous doll but I wish she her ninja outfit had a different color palette as it does not seem too stealthy and ninja-like to me.

Akoya Akoya Akoya
I especially love her eye make up and lips.
I decided to name my Akoya, Kunoichi as I like the anonymousness of it as it literally means female ninja in Japanese.
While Kunoichi does come with a sword, the one she is pictured with is not her stock sword as her stock one broke while I deboxing her :/ Kunoichi decided to use a double katana from one of my Final Fantasy Play Arts figures for the photos.
Kunoichi is a really pretty girl so I feel kind of greedy saying I wanted a bit more from her, her face up is gorgeous but I have been wanting a ninja pullip for years and her ninja stock just doesn’t seem to live up to my expectations. I think I may need to go shopping for some slightly better ninja clothes and maybe a teal wig.

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3 Responses to 89/365- Pullip Akoya (Kunoichi)

  1. Avalon says:

    I’ve been shying away from buying Akoya but I really think you’ve convinced me other wise. May I ask, what are her eyebrows like?

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