88/365 1/4 Scale Joker Statue

My long awaited 1/4 Scale Museum Quality Joker Statue finally arrived just in time for my birthday. I had originally preordered him back in March of last year. Well I guess they say anticipation makes the heart grow fonder…
88/365- 1/4 scale Joker Statue
I had originally preordered him through BBTS but when it appeared that he would not be available in time for my birthday we switched the order over to Amazon partially because we had Amazon vouchers.

The Joker statue is huge, he is nearly 22 inches tall and weighs quite a bit. The detailing on him is fantastic but he is also kind of fragile. Mine actually arrived broken, his foot had actually broke off luckily it was easily fixed with glue.
The Joker’s face sculpt is fantastic, it looks even better than it the promo shots.
Joker Flirting with disaster Joker
While the Joker’s jacket and pants are actually fabric; his undershirt, vest and gloves are sculpted. The dynamite is pretty impressive too.

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3 Responses to 88/365 1/4 Scale Joker Statue

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    The broken foot situation would probably bother me even though it was easily fixed. When a figure is quite pricey I’d like the packaging match up to the quality of what’s being shipped.

    • kleintoys says:

      Shipping-wise he was packaged well, tons of bubble wrap and peanuts it was more his actual box issue there was not much Styrofoam keeping things where they needed to be. DC Direct can be kind of hit or miss with packaging things themselves :/

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    That was the same with my Roberta CDJapan did an excellent job packaging her…it’s just New Line’s packaging was up to snuff for a cold cast figure

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