87/365- Birthday Loot

I’m skipping ahead a fair bit as I haven’t had much free time to keep this updated as of late. Days 84, 85 and 86 are up on Flickr if anyone is particularly interested. Day 87 ie. yesterday was my 27th birthday so I opted to take a picture of all of my birthday loot for the picture of the day.
87/365 Birthday Loots
I received a good variety of loot including dolls, anime stuff and comics stuff. Had I won the Volks lottery, Kudo would have been a birthday (albeit belated) present as well but since I was not successful an order was made through Pullipstyle instead. That order did not make it in time for my birthday as the loss of Kudo was not discovered until very late last week.

Breakdown of everything after the cut

Dolls: Taeyang: Nosferatu, Taeyang: Sage, Dal: Ra Muw, Blythe: Marigold, Petite Blythe: Squiggly Squirrel and Little Pullip Noir
Anime Stuff: Figma: Mari, Figma: Luka, Nendoroid: Miku Absolute HMO version, Nendoroid: Yuki (Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya version), Nendoroid: Suzumiya (Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya version), Nendoroid: Dead Master, Nendoroid: Tsumugi, Nendoroid: Azusu, Vocaloid: Miku VN02 Figure and Black Rock Shooter Animation Version Figure
Comics Stuff 1/4 Scale Joker Statue, various vintage Kenner Joker figures, Cover Girls of the DC Universe: Poison Ivy statue, Women of the DC Universe: Poison Ivy bust, Harley Quinn mini statue, Black and White: Catwoman, Ame-comi mini figures: Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Batgirl, and Animated Series Poison Ivy Statue
Books: Clover Manga omnibus, Batman: Long Halloween Absolute Edition, Batgirl: Greatest Stories Ever Told, Batman: War Games 1-3, Batman: War Drums, Harley & Ivy: Lovers on the Lam, Batman: Face the Face, Batman: Scarecrow and Two-Face Year One, Batman: Faces, Batman/Joker- Switch, Batman: Haunted Knight,Batman: Broken City, Batman: Animated and Dark Knight: Featuring Production Art & Shooting Script

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