83/365- Blythe LPS

I’ve managed to collect a small army of the Littlest Pet Shop Blythe dolls; they are adorable, inexpensive and widely available here in the states. One of my favorites is the deluxe scooter release. The scooter blythe is the most expensive one released so far and even she only costs about $20 (I got mine as a gift).
83/365 Blythe LPS
I also decided to take a couple of pictures of the Scooter blythe sans scooter, the doll is pretty cute and I absolutely love her outfit.
Blythe LPS
I had ambitions of getting an actual Takara petite blythe for my birthday unfortunately we sat down and had a chat yesterday and while one was ordered, she seems to have been in one of the two packages that went missing. In the grand scheme of things losing two sal packages to the tsunami is insignificant.

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2 Responses to 83/365- Blythe LPS

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    How long have you been waiting on the missing packages? When I ship something via SAL I tend to forget it’s on the way until it arrives.

    • kleintoys says:

      I had a batch go missing right before Christmas which I have completely given up on at this point but there were four packages shipped on the 4th and one other that shipped on the 7th. Two of the four packages arrived as well as the one from the 7th but the others never came SAL has only been taking about 11 days or so. I know what was in the packages (mostly nendoroids) so it is kind of disappointing.

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