82/365- Fairyland Pukifee and Pukipuki Alices in Wonderland

I’m skipping ahead a day mostly because I can, that and I am trying to make up for lost time. I asked for a Nosferatu taeyang for my birthday as I wanted him and I know he is almost completely sold out, I was obliged and while I was not allowed to open him he did come with a free mini pullip. Unfortunately I received Alice who I already have, I decided to trade her for a mini I do not have but my trading partner did not want/need her stock so I decided to keep it. Little pullips and Fairyland pukipukis are approximately the same size….
I decided to try the Alice outfit on my pukipuki Ante and I was pretty pleased with the result. I decided to take a picture of my Ante, Mariette in her Alice outfit alongside my Pukifee Luna, Allie .

I think Mariette makes a rather nice Alice, her stock wig is a bit reminiscent of Luna’s so I think that helps a bit.
I love Alice in Wonderland, eventually I fear that I will have some form of Alice in every bjd size (I already have pukifee and yo-sd Alice girls, Ante may permanently become an Alice girl).

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