77/365- Blythes

Ah, blythes I have such a bizarre relationship with you. I like blythe quite a bit but while my love of pullips is nearly all encompassing (I haven’t met a stock pullip I haven’t liked) I am unfortunately a bit more fickle with the blythes ^^;. The worse part is I can never be precisely sure if I will love a blythe or not until I see it in person, as a result I have actually ended up rehoming nearly 20 blythes now. All of the rehomed Blythes were dolls  I thought I would love in person (even Mondie and All Gold in One) but that I ended up not liking them very much in person.
77/365- Blythes
I have noticed I tend to prefer the Blythes with orange or red hair but even that is not a guarantee, both Adorable Aubrey and Aubrena ended up rehomed. I had been wanting Aubrena for literally years before buying her earlier this year only to not like her so much in person.
Even though, my last blythe ended up disappointing me I have decided to go out on a limb for my birthday and buy myself Marigold. Marigold has been a grail of mine for quite a while but due to my fickleness with blythe I was cautious about buying her, I decided to take the plunge and at least give her a chance. Worst case scenario, if I can’t bond with her like the others I can always rehome her and then I would at least know and can quit pining for her. I hope she is here to stay!

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1 Response to 77/365- Blythes

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I was reading a manga the other day (Genkaku Picasso) and the doll featured as a girl’s childhood doll looked exactly like a Blythe. They didn’t outright say it was a Blythe but I think it had to be modeled after one. Kind of a random comment but it made me think of you/Blythes.

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