76/365- Onegai Teacher Mizuho Figure by Good Smile Company

I’m intentionally skipping ahead a day for now, yesterday’s picture of the day involved the arrival of my Saber Lily Dollfie Dream and frankly I have had a hugely stressful day today and I can’t give her the attention she deserves so I am just skipping her for today.My secondary vehicle broke down hard earlier this morning, I won’t know exactly how bad the damage is until tomorrow but I am pretty certain the water pump went. Getting to and from work, and orchestrating everything was a handful today especially since I had to stop at the post office to pick up some packages. Turned out some of my birthday presents actually came in the mail today, I didn’t actually get to peek at the grand majority of the stuff but the Mizuho figure was a replacement for a figure that I already had that the zilla had gotten a hold of so I was given her a bit early.
76/365 Mizuho Figure
How pressed was I for time today? Well today’s 365 toy project photo was literally taken on the hood of my car while the other car was getting signed into get fixed.

All things considered using the hood of my car worked out better than I thought it would, the orange seems to be a nice contrast to Mizuho.
The problem with most Mizuho figures is that they tend to cross the sexy line and cross into the slightly vulgar territory. This figure is sexy without being too vulgar to have on display.

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4 Responses to 76/365- Onegai Teacher Mizuho Figure by Good Smile Company

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I like the figures of her that aren’t vulgar too, although I still haven’t seen the anime.

  2. rborg42 says:

    I might have to get this one, Mizuho’s a great character.

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