74/365- Lonely Queen Pullip (Tart)

Lonely Queen is another pullip that I have had for a while now (gosh was it really November?) that I never shared any pictures of. It wasn’t that I didn’t try to take photos of her previously, I actually tried to photograph her a few times but I was never very satisfied with the results. After playing with my camera settings yesterday, I finally found one that didn’t distort her colors horribly.
74/365 Tart
Lonely Queen was part of the Lunatic Alice series that was released way back in October, I preordered mine though Entertainment Earth so I didn’t actually get her (and Lunatic Alice) until November.

IMG_2070 IMG_2066 IMG_2069
Lonely Queen has intricate stock, she has a crinoline skirt which is awesome but also a bit too stiff and massive to be practical.
Her eye chips are actually very dark brown and they have a heart in the middle of the pupil. I love her eyelashes, I’ve never seen anything quite like them before on a pullip.
I decided to name my Lonely Queen, Tart it just seemed to fit her seeing how she is my Queen of Hearts.
I chose to feature Tart in her more casual form, I prefer her more formal form with the full crinoline skirt but it is quite cumbersome to work with.

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