60/365- Rin, Sakura and Illya Dollfie Dream

I have been longing to take a new family photo of all of my Dollfie Dreams but the logistics of it are making it a bit troublesome. I don’t have the space or the lighting to try and set them all up indoors and spring is still a ways off so the scenery outside is still kind of lacking. I went to check the rose garden that I like to see if it may be usable for photos but it was still very much covered in snow. I decided to try and use the steps to try and take some pictures of my Fate/Stay Night crew.
60/365- Illya, Rin and Sakura DD

Saber Lily should be arriving later this month to round out the crew, I may eventually try to obtain Saber and Saber Alter but not any time in the immediate future.
Sakura, Illya and Rin
I was pretty fortunate with the Fate/Stay Night dolls I was able to obtain Saber Lily, Rin and Sakura through the preorder lotteries. Illya was the only one I had to resort to the secondary market for; unlike the others she didn’t really go up that much in price.
Rin, Sakura and Illya
Illya is so tiny compared to Rin and Sakura, Illya kind of sticks out like a sore thumb due to her diminutive size.
Rin & Sakura
I love how different Sakura’s and Rin’s facemolds are from each other, Rin is somewhat angular and almost catty while Sakura’s face is more soft and perhaps a bit kind looking .
Rin was actually the first doll I was able to get through a Volks lottery, waiting for her was downright torturous. I got so anxious while I was waiting for her that I bought Estel, wouldn’t you know it I got a shipping notice that very same day for Rin so they both actually ended up arriving on the same day.
Rin just seems to like trees, she is a bit of an adventurous dollfie.

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4 Responses to 60/365- Rin, Sakura and Illya Dollfie Dream

  1. Moonchild says:

    What lovely photos! 🙂
    I especially love Rin, she is just such a gorgeous doll. 🙂

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    Rin is my favored character of the 3…but I think I like the Sakura Dollfie best. For some reason I want to reach out and grab her the most.

    • kleintoys says:

      Illya is my favorite character in Fate/Stay Night but MDD are not very poseable so I prefer to handle the bigger girls, Rin tends to be my favorite to really play with though ^^;

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