Sorry All Gone

I’ve been really bad lately with dolly purchases so I am offering some sacrifices to the dolly gods to counterbalance my naughtiness.
Details below the cost

1. Pullip Little Red Riding Hood- Nude, slight bit of melt on right shoulder other than that she is perfect- $75 shipped
2. Pullip Wind- Nude, hair is wild I bought her to fix her up but I haven’t had the time or inclination to work on anything lately so I would like to rehome her $80 shipped in the US
3. Pullip Bianca- Nude, hair has been partially straightened by her previous owner is now somewhat wild- $160 shipped in the US
4. Pullip Greggia- Nude $100 Shipped in the US

5. Pullip- Street- NRFB $100 Shipped in the US Sold
6. Blythe- Aubrena- Nude without original box or shipper, had her maybe two months I am not her first owner. I’m not a blythe expert but as far as I can tell she has received no customizations and is perfectly stock. I would ideally like what I paid for her $115 shipped in the US.

– The dolls that are listed are the only ones available for sale, none of the others are on sale.
– Shipping is included within the US, I prefer to ship within the US but if you are international we can talk just be advised shipping will be more and it will take me up to a week to ship it out (the post office at work will only ship domestically)
– I only accept paypal, currently not looking for trades (I could maybe be tempted by Lunatic White Rabbit but that’s it)
– Smoke-free home but only recently pet-free my cat died late last year depending on how long the doll has been here there is a slight chance of a phantom cat hair
-The first person to buy two or more dolls gets a free Monster High Gloom Beach Frankie doll.

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2 Responses to Sorry All Gone

  1. Marloes says:

    Hi! Sorry, this post is really late, I know, but is the first one still for sale? She’s so pretty!

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