40/365- Nia Dollfie Dream

Just about two years ago, I started collecting Dollfie Dreams. I was originally just going to get Kanu but I ended up buying a Ryomou while waiting for Kanu, oddly enough they ended up both arriving on the same day  2/12. The Dollfie Dream collection has since swelled to seventeen DD with Saber Lily coming in March. I never quite anticipated having this large of a collection, I was very fortunate and was able to get quite a few dolls off of my wishlist but I passed some dolls by that I ended up regretting. I had the chance to preorder Nia when I preordered my Yoko (alpha) DD but I passed her up as I was not so keen on her eyes in the promotional photos from Volks, then I started to see owner photos and the regret started to set in.
40/365 Nia Dollfie Dream
Nia arrived somewhat late last night. I had originally been on the lookout for a Mikuru Dollfie Dream as I had been wanting and wanting a Mikuru but had been distracted by other DD each and every time, I spotted Nia up for sale and pounced on her within a minute or two of finding the listing. Nia and Mikuru had been wrestling over the top spot on my wishlist for a while now but my reasoning was that while Mikuru shows up somewhat regularly, Nia on the other hand doesn’t show up too often and her price has been climbing a bit while Mikuru’s price has been fairly steady.

Nia is one gorgeous doll, I am sorry I ever doubted her.
Both Yoko and Nia translated very well into dollfie form,  I think I can comfortably say that Yoko is my favorite DD released to date. Nia is exquisite, her face sculpt suits her very well. The eyes which originally gave me pause for thought are actually quite stunning in person.
I am very much in love with her but I already spot a few potential issues that are likely to arise; the headband is kind of unwieldy I am not exactly sure if I even have it in correctly, I’ve heard her armlets can transfer paint unto her skin so I am going to seal them tonight and well curly wigs always make kind of nervous. 
Nia is the first DD with white skin I have photographed as we still haven’t opened Rei yet ^^; I love how creamy her skin is, I was kind of worried the camera would wash her out because of how pale she was but I think she photographs beautifully.
I was lucky enough to get the preorder bonus swimsuit with Nia, I would like to track down her hoody and shorter wig set eventually.
Even more pictures of her on my flickr

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