Halo Reach Legendary Edition Deboxing via Yoko twin DD

I went to sleep last night after going to Gamestop and finally picking up a copy of the Legendary edition of Halo Reach. I am actually a huge Halo fan but I had agreed not to play it until I could play with it someone.. since I didn’t trust myself to keep my end of the bargain I didn’t buy a copy of the game until now. I had kind of assumed I would debox the game myself this morning but after I went to bed those devious Yoko twins got into mischief, I assume their desperation to play shotties/snipers just overtook them >_<
As a note none of these photos were actually taken by me but I was given explicit instructions to post them here.

Well, what do the Yokos have here? A case of depleted uranium sniper rounds? Something new to beat up on the beast men with? A new anti Anti-Spiral weapon? A relic from human kind’s long forgotten past
Originally the MSRP for Halo Reach the Legendary Edition was $150, it was only $60 brand new at Gamestop yesterday, so I guess waiting has it’s benefits. As much as I love Halo these gigantic Legendary Edition box sets are a pain as they so huge ^^; It’s a good thing we have two Yoko DD as a deboxing job this big is definitely a two DDdy job.
We honestly thought the monstrously huge Halo 3 Legendary Edition could not be beat in terms of size, boy were we wrong.
I love the artwork/design of the box itself, the Halo 3 Legendary Edition’s box seems kind of lacking when compared to it.
There were quite a few goodies waiting for the Yoko twins inside.
While Yoko (alpha) only seemed to care about the Halo sculpture, Yoko (omega) actually wanted to play the game.
The Halo sculpture is surprisingly lightweight.
Instead of cock-teasing us with a digital copy of the art book and subjegating us to a lesser version of the game they actually included the Special Edition of the game this time around.
I would say more but what can I say? It’s time to play some Halo Reach.
Halo Reach Deboxing

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