34/365- Toys R’ Us Spree!

We had a whole ton of errands to do today including getting the oil changed on our other vehicle, of course there just happens to be a Toys R’ Us across the street from the car shop so while we were waiting for the car to be done we went to check out TRU.
34/365 Toy Spree!
I apparently happened to go into TRU just as they had finished restocking their Monster High display, absolutely everything was in stock and on the shelves. I don’t think I have ever seen a MH display so full before normally all I ever find are the Cleo/Deuce two-packs and the occasional Frankie, I was so overwhelmed. I bought both of the beds, Jackson (the final doll I needed), as well as a second Gloom Beach Frankie (possibly getting rerooted) and Ghoulia (she is my favorite of all of the MH dolls). As soon as I got home I broke the beds out of the package to get a look at them they are kind of a neat gimmick they are themed to match the character and they double as something supposedly useful for you too (Frankie’s bed is also a mirror and Draculaura’s coffin is also a jewelry box). I won’t be using mine for anything except maybe Draculaura’s for potential storage of excess MH accessories.

While still wondering through the store I also picked up another Littlest Pet Shop Blythe (just the single doll this time, not a set) and three new LPS sets (LE Llama, Elephant/Mouse and LE Seagull).  I also picked up an Applejack My Little Pony, I don’t actively collect MLP but I remembered having an Applejack as a kid and I love orange so she went in the cart.

I also bought a copy of Mass Effect to get a free Lego Batman tshirt (they were giving the Lego Batman Hero Pack away with any video game purchase). I had been meaning to play Mass Effect for a long while and I had just beat out Darkness earlier in the week and was looking for something else to play so it just seemed like good timing.

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2 Responses to 34/365- Toys R’ Us Spree!

  1. phuntom says:

    I adore the MH dolls, glad to see someone else likes them too, so far I just have Frankie, but eventually I want to get Ghoulia, Clawdeen, and Draculaura as well!

    • kleintoys says:

      I’ve been collecting since they first started showing in stores, I just had to have Frankie when I first saw her on the shelf. The Monster High doll line is unique I can’t help loving them ^^; I hope you are able to find them soon 😀

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