35/365 Pinky Street

Back before I was interested in Pullips, I really enjoyed collecting Pinky Street. Pinky Street are small and for the most part pretty inexpensive except for the limiteds/rares. I had an almost complete collection I believe I was missing six (mostly repaints) before they released a whole slew of new ones last year. I’ve been debating doing an order on HLJ and getting the bulk of the newer releases from them. The Kobato Pinky Street is out of stock at HLJ but I found it on a US website.
35/365 Pinky Street
As much as I want to get more of them and complete my collection, I am kind of torn. I still love my Pinky Street collection but I don’t really have a place for it right now, they are all boxed up maybe if I can find a spot to display them while I am rearranging the apartment (which I am still working on) I will indulge myself and get caught up.

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2 Responses to 35/365 Pinky Street

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I REALLY love my Kobato Pinky Street. She is my first Pinky Street order in a long time. I hope they do other characters I enjoy from the anime/manga. Do you mean the regular release Kobato or the special one? Mine is the regular one.

    • kleintoys says:

      I’ve only spotted the one Kobato Pinky Street during my searches, perhaps I am not digging deep enough. I love my Pinky Street, I just lack a place to properly display them so they tend to frustrate me.

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