33/365 POP! Heroes

I had someone swing by my local comic book store with a shopping list earlier today. My main objective was to find more of the POP! Heroes DC Universe line (and to add Kick-Ass 2 to my pull box). When we had gone in just last week to get my pull box they had tons of them in stock but they had sold quite a few between now and then. I had been hoping to get Batman, a second Joker (the zilla had stole my first one)  Batgirl and Wonder Woman. They had tons of the Joker left and a single Wonder Woman so I got those, while checking out a Batman was eventually produced from behind the counter for me.
33/365- Batman Vs Joker Vinyl Edition
I realized they were almost the perfect size to fit in my Imaginext Joker Fun House so I ended up utilizing it for my picture of the day.

Now we've got you Batman!
If you look closely, you will notice the team up of Joker and Riddler were able to actually trap the Batman in the little jail cell behind the Joker’s hand.
Pop Heroes!
I have way too much with this line of figures, I had so much fun playing with them I actually ended up ordering the rest of the first series online (The Penguin, Robin and Batgirl) I did refrain from ordering the other figures from the second series  (Green Lantern, Superman, The Flash)though.
Joker & Batman
I just get an inordinate amount of joy out of playing with these, even if the paint could use some work on a few of these ^^;
Run away!!
I’m not sure if Funko will be continuing this line or not, I am hoping they do come out with a third series so I can at least get a Catwoman (or maybe even Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy).
Wonder Woman Joker Batman

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