23/365- SDCC Exclusive Monster High Frankie Stein Doll

Justice’s online store has somehow managed to acquire a number of the San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Monster High Frankie Stein doll. They originally had Frankie listed for $69.99 (which was still a bargain compared to the ebay prices which were at least twice that) but recently marked her down to $49.99, which is even better especially when there is a 40% off coupon coupon floating around the internet. I had purchased one previously when I had a 40% off coupon but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to debox my SDCC Frankie, when I noticed the marked down price I ordered a second one so I could have one to debox (and a Gloom Beach Clawdeen as I am lazy and didn’t feel like hunting in stores for her ^^;) and one to keep NRFB.
23/365- SDCC Frankie
A couple of things to note about Justice’s online shop, first off they sign you up for their newsletter of girl’s teenybopper clothes etc if you order anything from their website which is kind of annoying and their packaging sucks. I understand their normal wares are mostly clothes which is for the most part not very fragile but my Gloom Beach Clawdeen’s box came massacred. Their prices without the coupon are also extremely high, higher than MSRP Gloom Beach Clawdeen for example is about $12.99 at Target/Walmart when she is stock and I believe $15.99 in Toys R’US, she is a whopping $29.99 which is like twice of her MSRP.
SDCC Frankie SDCC Frankie SDCC Frankie
SDCC Frankie’s shtick is that she is grey-scale like the old black and white Frankenstein film. She is basically just a repaint, some of the information in her diary is slightly different than her non-limited counterpart’s supposedly but I haven’t read either myself ^^;
SDCC Frankies

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4 Responses to 23/365- SDCC Exclusive Monster High Frankie Stein Doll

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Love at first sight with her Hina! I really liked the previous Monster High dolls you posted and kept thinking about how I wished they had been around when I was a kid. But this Stein Doll really caught my eye even more than the others. I used the coupon just like you recommended and she is on her way. I’m not sure at this point if she is going to stay in her box or come on out. I’ll probably make that decision once she’s in my hands.

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m glad you came to the dark side. I am honestly having a lot of fun with mine even though are just playline dolls (widely available in stores like barbie) they just have a lot of personality.

  2. meghan says:

    i had draculaura but her leg broke off so we are going back to get lagoona instead

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