24/365 Blythe Prima Dolly Aubrina- Marmalade Maeve

I was supposed to give up blythe this year, well not really give up altogether as I am not selling my current ones but I had decided to do the one in/one out rule (I can’t buy anymore unless I sell/trade one of my current ones). I had kind of built myself in one exception- Simply Bubble Boom as she is a FBL which is a facemold I have never had and she has orange hair and well I love orange hair. I already fell off the blythe wagon and bought Prima Dolly Aubrina, she had been on my wishlist for years as in theory I should love her she is a redhead and she is my favorite mold RBL.
24/365 Marmalade Maeve
I admittedly have a love/hate relationship with blythes only about half of the ones that come in end up staying long term. I do like her but I am not sure I love her enough to keep her long term. I am not sure if my indifference is because I was absolutely smitten with my last two (V-smash and Cloud Bowl 9) the moment I saw them or if she is really just not meant to be. I will keep her around for a while and see if she grows on me, it is a pity as I think she is adorable I just don’t really feel anything towards her yet ^^;
Marmalade Maeve Marmalade Maeve Marmalade Maeve

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