21/365- Kuroshitsuji Private Tutor Sebastian Michaelis Taeyang

I just recently bought Sebastian, he was the last of the Kuroshitsuji pullip line that I didn’t own and I have had my eye on him for a long while. I picked him as a part of a package deal with a pullip (who will eventually become my Catwoman). Kuroshitsuji was one of the few animes, I actually sat down and watched somewhat recently as I wanted to know more about the show if there was a pullip line involved. The show was entertaining to me but I still didn’t manage to make my way through all of it before getting distracted by something else.
He seems more wicked to me than the regular butler version of Sebastian even without the intense eyes there is just something slightly menacing about him. I need to take more photos of him as well as some photos with him and his fellow Kuroshitsuji cast-mates (especially with the other Sebastian) ^^; I tend to draw a blank when photographing male dolls, I have a really hard time with it as I somehow always seem to unintentionally pose them a bit too femininely.

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