20/365- Chobits Chii Gashapon

As I touched on in one of my previous entries, I am currently in the process of completely rearranging my apartment right now. Due to my desire to move my  comics collection and the limited availability of other available places, I decided to move my Chobits collection out of the doll room and into my bedroom. For some reason having a large display of Chobits stuff in your bedroom is more socially acceptable than having a mini-shrine to the Joker .
I ended up finally deboxing all of my Americanized Chobits gashapon as a part of the moving process.  I bought them from Borders Walden Books years ago and was quite happy to keep them sealed but two of the boxes had become water damaged and I didn’t want to debox some and leave other nrfb so I deboxed them all.  I was originally planning on taking a picture of all of them together for the picture of the day but instead I decided to just use a picture of the Chii figure in pajamas from the set.

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