Pullip’s Little Brother Isul Trifecta

Groove Inc has unveiled more forthcoming Isul releases. Isul is the latest member to join the pullip family, Isul is pullip’s little brother. We have been hearing rumors of him since Doll Carnival 2007 but his first release, Apollo will not actually be released until next month. Groove announced that there are to be an additional three Isul releases quick on the heels on Apollo in March which frankly is rather surprising as preorders for the April releases are already underway.

Isul- Duke
900s (1)
Isul- Jimmy X
Isul- Hamilton

While I am thrilled that Groove Inc is finally releasing Isul, I wish he was not so girly. I feel like they made him way too pretty, most non-doll collector’s I have run across have a hard time buying into the fact that Taeyang is a boy and not a girl, this poor boy is doomed from the starting line. If I was to buy one of these three, I would opt for Jimmy X as he is the most masculine looking to me even though he is actually wearing a skirt. Duke and Hamilton’s face ups already look a bit too similar to  Apollo’s for my taste. Hamilton actually reminds me quite a bit of one of my Hestia.

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One Response to Pullip’s Little Brother Isul Trifecta

  1. Yuki says:

    I was showing my dad a pullip website,and he decided to go to the Taeyang section. I explained all the stuff about Taeyang,but my dad still thought he was a girl 😦

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