Ordered- Fairyland Pukifee Ante BJD

I ended up going back and ordering Pukifee Ante from Denverdoll. My Littlefee Ante, Marie was actually my first bjd later this month is her two year anniversary. I even bought the pukipuki version of Ante last year, my little Mariette. I had been interested in Pukifee Ante she was announced but I was hesitant to order her because I knew she would be the only doll of her size and that bothered me as I knew I would end up ordering her some like sized company. Now I have Pukifees Luna (Allie) and Pong (Bunbun) so Ante would not be such an odd doll out, chances are she will end up either a little mad hatter girl or as a queen of hearts to blend in better with her friends.
Basic Pukifee Ante Preordered!

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