2/365- Junko Mizuno Toys

I am a big fan of Junko Mizuno’s artwork, I love it for all it’s vile cuteness. Her artwork is psychedelic and blends horrific elements with sheer adorableness, I have been a big fan ever since I picked up Pure Trance by chance while visiting family in Michigan. I now own most of Mizuno Junko’s books including a Cool in Japan book that she did the cover for. I also have managed to track down a few of the toys, oddly virtually everything I own that is Junko Mizuno was purchased during various trips to Michigan no one seems to stock it around here. Today’s picture of the day featured my meager Junko Mizuno toy collection. I own the special edition My Little Pony, the Miznotic Fantasy Chika Peach Night Figure and the Mint Fantasy figure
2/365 Junko Mizuno Toys
Couple more pics behind the cut
The Mint Fantasy figure was the first figure I found and subsequently the first one I purchased. They actually had it in stock in either pink or purple as well but green is one of my favorite colors so I chose it.
Junko Mizuno Mint Fantasy
I happened to find the Miznotic Fantasy Chika Peach Night Figure the next time I went back to Michigan. I really like the figure but was disappointed I was not really able to locate any of the others this size despite my on and off again searches over the past few years.
Junko Mizuno Miznotic Fantasy Chika Peach Night Figure Junko Mizuno Miznotic Fantasy Chika Peach Night Figure
and my personal favorite the My Little Pony, this is the one item I actually ordered online. I bought it some time last year, I think from BBTS.
Junko Mizuno MLP Junko Mizuno MLP Junko Mizuno MLP

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2 Responses to 2/365- Junko Mizuno Toys

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I’m never seen such an original Pony, although to be fair I don’t really research them much. But still, I really like it.

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m not big into My Little Pony, I have seen some amazing customs (Requiemart used to customize them and hers were absolutely insane) but only the Art ponies (like the Junko Mizuno pony) like this one really speak to me. When I was a kid I had 100s of them my love has waned for them a bit since then I guess ^^;

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