Fairyland Event and New Dolls

Fairyland started their winter event yesterday and fully revealed their doll line up this morning. In all four pukipukis were revealed (three new face sculpts and one reissue), one realpuki, two Littlefees  as well as the first new pair of a new doll line Feeple65.

Kaka Winter Bell Full Package
I don’t collect Realpukis, I will admit that if I was going to get one this would probably be the one.

Niko, Madeleine, Rory and Kanu
In general, I will say this is quite possibly the cutest bunch of pukipukis ever. I am tempted to order the entire set of them as they all compliment each other so wonderfully. I felt letdown when I realized that they do not actually come with the skates though :/ I hope they are at least available separately for sale.

Madeleine Winter Bear Full Package
Madeleine is the only re-release this event, she was released once before as a pink bunny full set. I think she may be my favorites of the pukipukis announced, her outfit is just darling and I think she would probably fit in best with my current motley puki crew.

Rory Winter Rabbit Full Package
Rory is one of the new pukipukis released this cycle, her facesculpt is really feminine and girly. While Madeleine may be my favorite, Rory is not far behind.

Niko Winter Lamb Full Package
Niko is another of the new pukipukis released this cycle, he has a bit of pout but not too much attitude like Lily. Niko’s costume is really adorable but the doll itself didn’t leave too much of an impression on me.

Kanu Winter Fawn Full Package
Kanu rounds out the new pukipuki line up. I really love his outfit but I find him to be my least favorite as a doll as his expression is just kind of blank.

Luna Rose Full Package
I just received my Pukifee Luna earlier this week and I absolutely adore the sculpt. Littlefee/Yo-SD are my favorite bjd size and I love the sculpt, plus the fullset outfit is really nice so I fear I will definitely be ordering her after Christmas when I get some DDE giftcards. I think she would fit in well with my current yo/littlefee crew but she is also kind of unique and is the only one not really smiling.

Lewi Violet Full Package
Lewi is another new sculpt. Although he looks nice in photos with Littlefee Luna, I am not a big fan of his facesculpt he shouldn’t really take it personally though I am generally not too fond of boys.

The FeePle65 are a new line for Fairyland. I absolutely love their body sculpts, the girl’s body is very womanly and the boy’s body is very masculine.
Chloe Elf Moon Light
I absolutely love her, I am struggling so hard right now not to preorder her. Just wow absolutely gorgeous doll all around.

Roke Dragon Knight Full Package
Roke is incredible too, I love how muscular his body is not to mention how flexible he is. Luckily for my wallet I am not as interested in boys.

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2 Responses to Fairyland Event and New Dolls

  1. Katherine says:

    You may have already come across this, but it looks like the skates will be available for separate purchase. I saw them on DDE this weekend, available in white. Happy holidays. 🙂

    • kleintoys says:

      Oh thanks for the heads up, I am definitely going to be ordering a few pairs 😀 Happy Holidays to you too and thanks again 😀

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