Arrivals- Fairyland Pukifees Luna and Pong BJDs

Way back in September I participated in the Fairyland Summer Event and ordered two Pukifees Luna and Pong. I had been curious about Pukifees since they had been released but I had been able to resist even though there was an Ante (Ante is my favorite Fairyland mold) released. I dislike having an odd doll out, so to speak I know they don’t really get lonely but it bothers me if there is a doll that is singled out because it is the only one of it’s type or size. I had been hesitant, because if I bought one I knew I would end up buying it some   company ^^;   I had managed to resist for quite some time until Fairyland pulled the Alice in Wonderland card… If I ordered the two of them together it would save one of them from pining away on the shelf awkwardly without it’s mate.  Allie and Bunbun

Luna arrived late last week and Pong arrived early this week. I named my Luna, Allie. Allie has quite a few pictures already as she been here a little bit longer plus well she is a true to delight to photograph.
Allie Allie Allie
I, even took a few pictures of her with my Unalice (Volks Yo-SD Lorina).
Unalice and Allie
Pong arrived earlier this week. At first, I was leaning on it being a girl but I feel like it is more of a boy now that I have handled it so it is genderless at the moment until I make a decision. While it may not have a gender, Pong does have a name and that is Bunbun.
Bunbun Bunbun Bunbun
I actually own the pukipuki version of Pong as well and I love the expression of pure unbridled joy.
Bunbun and Allie
Pong and Luna are the perfect pair.
Bunbun and Allie
Allie and Bunbun

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