Christmas get- Clementine and Tangerine mug

Clementine is a rewigged Papin pullip and she has been with me for just about three years now and she is still my favorite of all my dolls. Even though she is was not really expensive, rare or hard to find she is still my favorite there is just something about her that I love and adore. I love her so much I turned my Tangerine (custom Papin dal by Requiemart) into a mini-me for Clem; orange wig and all. Clementine recently had to go away for some repairs as she is so well-loved she was starting to show some signs of fatigue and badly needed a spa vacation. Requiemart came over on Friday for a doll meet (and again today but that is a much different story!) and Clementine made her triumphant return. We also exchanged Christmas gifts…
Clementine <3
Requiemart was of course very familiar with my very intense love of Clementine…. She had recently commissioned Kobold to chibi illustrations of the cast of her picfic All my Pullips and the illustrations were absolutely adorable. I thought the illustrations were just about the cutest thing ever. Requiemart surprised me with not only commissioning Kobold to do an illustration of Clementine and Tangerine but having it made into a mug as well. Knowing my adoration of the color orange she chose a mug with an orange inside as well as an orange handle. The back of the mugs says Papins.
Tangerine and Clementine
Here is the art piece that Requiemart commissioned from Kobold. It is so heart-wrenchingly adorable ❤ They are absolutely perfect, their outfit details are utterly perfect too.
What is it with papins and mugs?
The mug goes especially nice with my dal mug also by Requiemart. I admit I have a bit of a thing for mugs, I even have a Paja mug.

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3 Responses to Christmas get- Clementine and Tangerine mug

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    That is an amazingly thoughtful gift, I love them.

  2. nathan says:

    That mug is pretty cool!

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