365 Doll Project Part 10

Sorry this is so late, I was on vacation during most of this particular week so a good portion of the dolls of the day are actually mini pullips as I could fit a lot more of them into my suitcase ^^;
Meet the new girls: Amy & Leela
The only thing that was really of note, other than my being on vacation is the arrival of Amy and Leela. I traded my Enchanted Petal blythe for them. I named them after characters on Futurama as I am a huge fan of the show and the names just seemed to suit them so perfectly.

58/365- Zell
Model- Pullip-Raphia
Name- Zell
Mods- Full custom green themed elf by Papermoonpixie, one of her eyes still isn’t quite right I keep on meaning to switch out the brown eye for green
Bio- Zell is the plucky leader of a group of concerned people determined to stop Anarchy from summoning the demon Azreal. Zell previously seen Azreal in action in her homeland and is determined to make sure that Azreal does not destroy anyone’s lives like her own friend’s and family’s were. The elven world was left in ruins because of the demon Azreal with only a few survivors left. Zell is Anarchy’s rival because she thwarts her every effort made to summon Azreal. Zell regularly unintentionally sickens Anarchy with her upbeat personality. While she is aware that Paja is also trying to summon Azreal, Paja is much less of a threat due to her ineptness so she mostly just ignores Paja.

Zell is unwaveringly cheerful. She believes in the power of good, and that as long as there is hope there is nothing that can not be accomplished. She also believes in the power of love. She would do anything for her friends and is a very forgiving person but she is also fiercely protective of her friends and would die to protect them.

While Zell is not immortal, it takes a lot to kill her prompting many people to marvel at her survival skills as she is quite clumsy and always manages to walk unscathed from something that would kill a normal person.

59/365- Leela
Model- Pullip-Jupi
Name- Leela
Mods- Rewigged
Bio- Leela is a party girl, she is always looking for the next rave or trying to get into all the hottest clubs. She loves to party, drink, dance and have a good time. She is completely self assured and comfortable with herself. She doesn’t care about what other people think of her… don’t like her style? while she loves it, so tough. She is very stubborn and will absolutely not back down from anything. She is very opinionated and will not hesitate to get into a verbal sparring war. She has no regrets and will not apologize.

Leela frequently hangs out with her best friend, the shy Amy. She is always trying to push Amy to be more outgoing like herself, she wishes Amy would just loosen up and have more fun.

60/365- Amy
Model- Pullip- Mercu
Name- Amy
Mods- Rewigged
Bio- Amy is a bit of a reserved girl, she has a hard time speaking up for herself and can be a bit of a doormat at times. She is best friends with the rowdy Leela, she acts as a calming influence to Leela while Leela tries to push her to be more outgoing. While she does wish that she was as comfortable in her own skin as Leela is she also recognizes that Leela isn’t generally thoughtful of other people’s feelings at all not caring who she offends. Amy eventually would like to be more carefree and fun-loving but in a thoughtful manner.

61/365- Claudette
Model- Little Pullip- Principessa
Name- Claudette
Mods- None
Bio- Claudette is Claudia’s doing, she was originally a doll but Claudia brought her to life as a mini-me through witchcraft. Claudia likes to pretend she is a doll and will not move for hours, waiting for some unsuspecting person to try and play with her and then she will surprise them!

62/365- Zala
Model- Little Pullip- Ms. Green
Name- Zala
Mods- None
Bio- Zala volunteered for an experimental program in order to achieve her dream of piloting a giant robot. The robot’s cockpit was unfortunately too small for adults to fit so they had been training children to use them but they proved to be too unpredictable so Zala volunteered to have herself shrunk.

63/365 Harriet
Model- Little Pullip- March Hare
Name- Harriet
Mods- None
Bio- Harriet was shrunk as punishment because of her impertinence to the queen by being late.

64/365- Ace
Model- Little Pullip- Soldier of Cards
Name- Ace
Mods- None
Bio- Ace is the captain of the card guards, she is extremely loyal to the queen even if her orders can be a tad extreme (off with their head!). She does have a good heart though and often is successful in swaying the queen’s violent mood swings.

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