Remember how I mentioned going on a dolly diet?

I had a major failure, I mean I tried but last week for whatever reason I was having a horrible time falling asleep so I would surf the internet at all sorts of ungodly hours. It was only a matter of time before I did something regrettable in such a state although I don’t really regret buying the doll… the timing is however very unfortunate.

I had been looking at Lorina with a term probably best described as dolly lust. She is one of the newer Alice in Wonderland themed Volks YoSDs that were released. I thought she was absolutely wonderful and delightful, she had been at the very top of my wants list. Her arrival is bittersweet, I am ecstatic for her but also kind of embarrassed that I backslid on my dolly diet so soon  ^^; .

52/365- Unalice
I have been calling her Unalice because well she isn’t Alice and I am running out of Alice names at this point. I don’t care for the actual Alice as much as Lorina as I am not a big fan of super pale dolls and Alice unfortunately has the beautiful white skin tone. I think at the very least she will compliment my beloved Volks Hinaichigo YoSD, probably my Volks Yosd Lillie as well whom I still need to buy a new wig and clothes for. I was curious about the origin of the name Lorina in relation to Alice in Wonderland so I looked around a bit this afternoon. The eponymous girl whom Alice was allegedly based off Alice Liddell of mother’s name was Lorina, so I guess that explains it.
Unalice will probably, hopefully be my last bjd of the year. I realize this is a bold statement but I now have 16 bjds here and I have a pukipuki on layaway. One girl still doesn’t have a face up and I need more clothes, wigs etc for the dolls I have now before I really start thinking about buying any others.

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2 Responses to Remember how I mentioned going on a dolly diet?

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I really like the outfit, the doll itself is lovely but I really can’t keep my eyes off her clothes.

    • kleintoys says:

      Volks really goes all out on the quality of the clothes, it is worth the astounding price in my opinion. Thanks ❤

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