365 Doll Project Part 7

I’m going on a self-imposed dolly diet after last week’s indulgences. I had been bad most of the month in actuality splurging on dolls quite a bit but last week took the cake. Last week I ended up getting two surprise girls as gifts, namely an Assa and a Lan Ake they were unexpected but were quickly welcomed into the fold. Then I got a lot carried away myself…
Dolly diet time!
I ended up getting five dolls in the mail on Saturday >_< Eos 2.0 and Lilith arrived from Pullipstyle, a used Papin and I kind of splurged and bought a second Jouet and somehow tossed a Dumbo Byul in the cart at the same time.

37/365- Hope and Charity
Model- Dals- Another Soldier Rabbit and Fiori
Name- Hope and Charity
Mods- Both were customized by Myownlittleworld, both now have freckles and are rewigged, Fiori has also been rechipped.
Bio- Hope and Charity are fraternal twin sisters, they are extremely close to each other and are never away from each other for more than a few moments.When they team up they can surmount any obstacle, nothing can stop them. Despite how close they are they do have very different personalities. Hope is more studious but a bit shy while Charity is more outgoing and prefers sports. Hope is petrified of bugs so Charity always protects her from the creepy crawlies. Charity is afraid of math so Hope always helps her out with her homework.

38/365- Dani
Model- Pullip- Assa
Name- Dani
Mods- Rewigged
Bio- Daniella prefers to go by her nickname Dani, as she thinks it suits her personality more. Dani normally extremely laid back and is universally well-liked. She loves bright colors, camp and music. She is very rarely seen without her headphones on. She is fairly athletic but is also somewhat clumsy, she may kick the winning goal for her soccer team but she will probably end up landing flat on her ass in the process ^^; Even though she is generally laid back she is extremely protective of her friends, and will go to great lengths to protect them.

Dani and Jinx were previously best friends. Dani had a crush on Jinx but she never pursued it because Jinx was in a relationship. When Jinx’s boyfriend dumped her, Dani and her got a little drunk one night and decided to take their friendship to the next level. They are now dating.

39/365- Nightingale
Model- Pullip- Lan Ake
Name- Nightingale
Mods- None (she might be getting rewigged)
Bio- Nightingale was raised by very old fashioned parents, they decided to shield her from the evils of the outside world and raise her in complete isolation. She felt somewhat caged by her parents and yearned to be free. She is intensely curious about the outside world as she has no practical experience in it, she just knows of what she has read about in books and seen in 1950s movies.

Nightingale has a gorgeous singing voice, her singing voice is so beautiful she can attract a variety of birds to her small rooftop aviary and garden. She hopes that someday, a prince will come and rescue her from her home/prison.

40/365- Annabel Lee
Model- Pullip- Aquel
Name- Annabel Lee
Mods- None
Bio- Annabel Lee is a sweet and innocent girl. She is overly naive and very easily tricked or taken advantage of. She believes the absolute best in everyone, she doesn’t believe that people can lie. She wants to grow up to be a proper lady. Annabel Lee believes being the best possible role model for her younger sister, Camille is the most important thing in the world. Due to her overly innocent nature she is the frequent bully target of her twin cousins Cosette and Claudia as well as occasionally her own baby sister Camille. Cosette pretends to be friendly while secretly filling Annabel Lee’s head with lies to prove just how gullible she really is, while Claudia is just mean in general. Camille realizes that Annabel Lee is an idealist but tries to make her understand that the world is not all sunshine and roses, the very thought that the world is not a wonderful and caring place scares Annabel Lee to the very core.

41/365- Camille
Model- Pullip- Coral
Name- Camille
Mods- None
Bio- Camille does not really enjoy being a young lady, she would much rather enjoy being a tomboy. She does enjoy a good a tea party every now and then but beyond that she hates having to wear frilly dresses and act accordingly. She does have the delicate sensibilities of a young lady as she does scare somewhat easily but she has been known to be fearless when faced with spiders and other creepy crawlies.

Camille is much more of a realist than her sister Annabel Lee. While she appreciates the efforts her sister puts in to be such a glowing role model beyond reproach she realizes that her sister sees the world through rose colored glasses. She is very much intrigued by her elder twin cousins, Claudia and Cossete. She looks up to them even though they are both somewhat deviant and mischievous, always pulling pranks on the poor unsuspecting Annabel Lee.

42/365- Valley
Model- Pullip- Youtsuzu
Name- Valley
Mods- Rewigged
Bio- Valley is very whim-driven, if she gets an urge to do something she just does it not caring about the consequences. One day she decided that she would like to be a famous model/actress so she just hopped in her car and drove out to Hollywood for fame/fortune. She wasn’t quite as successful as she had hoped only managing to score the occasional modeling gig. Many model agencies were interested in her but they were put off by her rather extreme hair as well as her inability to commit to appointments. She is so whim-driven she is very easily distracted and easily forgets business engagements.

She now works as a gogo dancer at a local nightclub. She is roommates with Picadilly, they get along quite well but Picadilly sometimes gets annoyed by Valley’s lackadaisical lifestyle (not to mention her general lateness with paying her share of the bills).

43/365- Akasha
Model- Pullip- Lilith
Name- Akasha
Mods- None
Bio- Akasha is an ancient vampire, alive for 1000s of years. She was an adult when she was made into a vampire but she has been alive for so long that her body has started to break down and deform leaving her with a somewhat bizarre appearance. She is so old she can’t quite remember her human life or how it is that she came to become a vampire. Human blood no longer satiates her thirst she instead feeds on lesser demons and younger vampires. She lives in hiding only coming out to feed, spending her time reading books in every language ever written. She has a massive library of books that she has accumulated over the centuries. She does have somewhat of an alliance with the demoness Azreal. They have a grudging respect for one another. She has turned several vampires over the years, including her newest fledglings Hecate and Salem.

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5 Responses to 365 Doll Project Part 7

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Did you enter the lottery for the new Evangelion DD? Mari?

    • kleintoys says:

      I had intentions to but I decided I really didn’t care for her overall character that much. Plus I kind of fell in love with a new bjd that coincidentally arrived today ^^;

      • lovelyduckie says:

        If I remember right isn’t Japan really into Mari? I wonder if the scramble over her will be one of the most intense yet. Currently I’m REALLY getting my hopes up over Rider DD, if a lottery opens for her I’m prepared to enter it. I’ll go check out the new BJD now.

      • kleintoys says:

        Nobody seems to care about the other two dolls out of this dollpa everyone only seems to like Mari so I think she will end up being somewhat sought after. A Rider DD would be nice but you never who they will release yet I have to say I am surprised they chose Sakura over her though. Speaking of Sakura she should be shipping pretty soon…

  2. Yuki says:

    Thanks so so much for posting the picture of the twin dals! It really made my day and reminded me of me and my best friend.

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