365 Doll Project Part 8

Part 8 of my 365 doll project, I have done over 50 dolls so far and I think I am still going pretty strong. Next week will be a major challenge, I will be on somewhat of a vacation and I may not have internet access during it but my plan is to bring a number of mini pullips/dals with me and upload them when I get home if need be.
I am participating in Dalicious again this cycle with my Dal Papin, Tangerine. Last week’s theme was Adventure so I decided to have Tangerine go on a space adventure and fight against an evil space squid, I am ridiculously happy with how the actual photo turned out.
Another interesting photo I took unrelated to my 365 project was a group shot of all my byuls, my Lilith Akasha is scary she scares all the other byuls.

I apparently had a numbering fail last post and put Ellie there and skipped Akasha, I went back and edited it to include Akasha and put Ellie in her correct spot.
44/365- Ellie
Model- Byul- Dumbo
Name- Ellie
Mods- None
Bio- Ellie loves the theater, she has been in plays and on the stage since before she could walk. She is a very serious actress but due to her age and appearance she is often overlooked for really big breakout roles. She landed a regular television gig unfortunately it is on “Nighty Night Raja”, she plays one of the many animal suited background character namely Eliza the elephant. She has decided to use her time wisely and continue her studies while she gets a steady income from the show.

While not rehearsing or studying, Ellie likes to kick back and relax by going to the theater and watching various plays and the occasional foreign film.

45/365- Gale
Model- Pullip-Dorothy
Name- Gale
Mods- None
Bio- Gale travels the world via hot air balloon. Her parents are absurdly wealthy and fully support her globetrotting lifestyle. She never stays in one place for very long instead preferring to explore the world and make friends wherever she goes. She has many penpals from all over the world. Gale speaks several different languages and is always trying to learn something new. She is very outgoing and friendly.

46/365- Joey
Model- Dal Jouet
Name- Jobeth “Joey”
Mods- None
Bio- Jobeth prefers to go by Joey, she absolutely hates it when people call her by her proper name. Joey and her twin sister, Gelato are supposed to be proper little ladies. Gelato is happy to play the role of the pretty princess but Joey would much rather be playing her with toy planes than having a tea party.

Joey has a large collection of toy planes in all sizes that her brother Joel has brought her back from his travels around the world. She absolutely idealizes her big brother because he supports her unfeminine tendancies. Her elder sister Joyette is the bane of her existence as she always trying to make poor Joey wear pretty dresses that Joey wouldn’t be caught dead in. She gets along pretty well with her twin sister Gelato but hates that all she ever wants to do is play dolls and dress up with Jolie :/ .

When she grows up she wants to be a pirate if that doesn’t work out for her she wants to be a pilot.

47/365- Cheshire
Model- Pullip Kirsche
Name- Cheshire
Mods- Full custom, originally zombuki Cheshire then mostly recustomized by Requiemart
Bio- Cheshire is the Duchess’ pet. She is Duchess’ second in command. She is the eldest of her siblings and is the leader of the other cheshire cats: Nyx and Hollis Heartspark. She primarily exists between worlds, only going to the human world to help give people pushes in the right direction. She exists to help people achieve their destiny, she is not the most helpful when it comes to helping people though. She prefers to stay as abstract as possible speaking only in riddles most of the time.

When in Wonderland she is constantly by Duchess’ side. She takes her job as leader of the cheshire cats very seriously even if she is a bit lackadaisical in the execution of her own job. She looks down on Hollis’ excessive time spent in the human world even though she herself likes to hang around Duchess as much as possible.

48/365 Sugar
Model- Pullip-Papin
Name- Sugar
Mods- Rewig, rebodied (debating going for a volks body with even bigger breasts honestly)
Bio- Sugar is a member of the rainbow mafia. She isn’t the smartest member of the rainbow mafia by she is by far the most manipulative. She uses her feminine wiles to distract and manipulate the rainbow mafia’s enemies. Her kisses are said to be as sweet as sugar but 15 times as deadly as that of a rattlesnake. Knowing she is physically weak and would easily lose in an outright fight, she instead lures her enemies into a false sense of security and gives them a kiss from her poisonous lips. She uses a wide array of poisonous lipsticks that she herself has become immune to over time as her weapon of choice.

She is hyper-sexual and is always flirting with everyone in the room. She has been married twice but she was left a widow both times as both were mysteriously poisoned, leaving her their vast wealth. Her sexual appetite is not limited to men, she has even been known to hit on other members of the rainbow mafia which tends to make them just feel uncomfortable. Hollis Heartspark has proved to be immune to her poisonous kiss.

49/365- Concussion
Model- Pullip-Lala
Name- Concussion
Mods- Rewig
Bio- Concussion is a wild child. She loves partying, she almost always at a rock concert or clubbing. She’s a little rough around the edges, it probably has something to do with her truly heroic intake of alcohol. She really lives for the moment without really planning for the future at all. She is frequently hungover and is perpetually late to everything.

Concussion eventually hopes to land a career as a singer of a rock band, she can’t sing or play any instruments but she remains hopeful that someone will recognize her enormous talent. She is attempting to get a recording contract with the help of Hollis Heartspark but so far all of the recordings made are not what you would call suitable for play over the radio.

Concussion is Charlie’s best friend, they have a mutual love of music and alcohol that really keeps them together. She is also a rival of Charlie in matters of the heart, as both of them are in love with Hollis Heartspark.

50/365 Joyette
Model- Pullip-Hello Kitty
Name- Joyette
Mods- Custom Pullip by Requiemart, she is a pullip version of the dal Jouet.
Bio- Joyette and her brother Joel stepped forward to take care of their younger siblings when their parents decided to go off and see the world leaving the rest of the family behind. Joel is often away in the navy leaving Joyette to take care of her younger twin sisters Gelato and Joyette as well as baby Sorbetto. She is determined that her younger sisters will grow up to be proper young ladies like herself, Gelato seems pretty amiable to the idea but Jobeth fights her at every chance.

Joyette is a very sweet and caring girl. She takes very good care of her younger siblings as well as Joel. She really loves and admires her big brother and hopes to someday marry a man just like him. She owns a small flower shop, eventually she would love to expand her business.

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2 Responses to 365 Doll Project Part 8

  1. karla solis says:

    sorry one question where I can buy a Cheshire in Mexico City

    • kleintoys says:

      Sorry Cheshire is a one of kind custom doll, I have the only one ^^; I am not sure of pullip’s general availability in the Mexico City area but a few collectors from Mexico have said that while they can buy them in Mexico it often ends up cheaper buying them internationally and importing them.

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