172/365- Returning travelers

I sent a few of my dolls off for a vacation to exotic Texas with a friend, namely Skada . The dolls had a fairly long extended vacation, with Skada.

Now, first let me say the loaning dolls out is not something I normally do it is a privilege for very close friends only. Dolls only get loaned out to people that I know and trust. I feel it necessary to mention this as otherwise I feel I will get a flood of emails from people I don’t know requesting I loan them Leprotto or some such yeah it’s not going to happen.
172/365 Returning travelers
Skada had requested my Dita, Johanna come for a visit and then my Kaela, Mackenzie decided she too wanted to visit Texas. Of course once my Mitzi, Meryl found out one of the other dolls was going on vacation she insisted on tagging along and stowed away.

Since the girls returned after a long-ish absence I decided they each needed a little bit of time in front of the camera.
Mitzi was actually one of my grail dolls for a long time. It seemed like every time I had the money for her saved up none would be available for sale, then one would pop up for sale after I had already spent my hobby allowance for the month X_X I finally got her a while ago,I love her to death so much so I actually ended up trading for a second Mitzi (who subsequently became my Poison Ivy pullip) around a year later. I named my first Mitzi, Meryl after the Escaflowne character (Mitzi’s stock is a leopard print catsuit).
Skada gave Meryl a really adorable braided hairstyle during her visit there, I am really rather fond of it so I think I will keep it.

My Kaela, Mackenzie never got a whole of attention here but after seeing Skada’s adorable pictures of her redressed I was drawn to her more and more. As soon as I got her back I had a whole new appreciation for her and loved her that much more.

and finally my Dita, Johanna..Skada also gave Johanna a cute braided hairstyle which I adore.

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2 Responses to 172/365- Returning travelers

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I LOVE the braids on Meryl! That hair style seems fit for a goddess. Also I really love Kaela’s outfit, just a change of clothes and she goes from giving off a tomboy feeling to something more sexy and sophisticated.

    • kleintoys says:

      The braids were Skada’s doing, I am rather partial to them though so I doubt I will be taking them down any time soon. Kaela is pretty versatile once you get her out of her stock, in this case she is still wearing her stock shirt though ^_-

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