Massive Update

So my internet connection went from very bad to completely non-existent over the weekend thereby crippling my ability to go online. I could access my email and that was about it. Bonus suck points really started kicking in yesterday when I turned my car to get repaired and subsequently became homebound X_X
This picture is almost a week old now but it is probably one of my favorite recent pictures that I have taken. I love how well Yui compliments Suzumiya, I admittedly got Yui to counterbalance Suzumiya as she was the only “un”matched dollfie I had left. I like my dollfies best in pairs apparently.
I took Honey out for a shoot this past week as I didn’t have that many pics of her even though she has been here for a while.
The one good thing, about not having the internet is I had a bizarre amount of free time, which I spent sorting the veritable tons of doll stuff I have managed to accumulate over the years.
While amidst my sorting duties, I took a break and checked my paypal account and was surprised to see that Friendly Freckles had managed to be sold without me giving my paypal address out. I was momentarily perplexed until I seen who the payment was from and a note saying that she was remain with me. She was the one doll I was really waffling on selling so I am kind of relieved she ended up staying.
I accomplished sorting all of this stuff but unfortunately, there is a lot left to sort and I have the internet again now so umm progress will probably be slowed a bit.
I have pretty doll-centric in my photography lately, I did recently take a few pics of some nendoroids though.
Since my Friendly Freckles is staying I decided to take Daphne out for a few photos.
I also decided to take my Heather Sky along for photos as well mostly because I was really feeling the outfit I had picked out for her that day.
At least now we are finally mostly caught up ^^;

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