PSA- Requiemart’s revamped site and first look at custom SD

Requiemart has revamped her website, and she now has a blog. Her image galleries on her site had previously irreparably crashed over the holidays and well since Flickr was a lot more easy to update she had mainly been focusing on it. The blog is supposed to focus on her current customization projects etc.  I own a lot of her customs and since I receive a fair number of questions for/about her I thought it would be prudent to kind of let everyone know she has her own blog now. It’s very user-friendly and is like the go-to site for pullip customizing.
If you click on the screen cap it will take you to her blog.

On a more personal note, in the screencap a picture can be seen of an in-progress custom dollfie. The dollfie is my Super Dollfie Mimi and she is getting customized to become Yuzuki from Chobits. While she is now done being customized she is far from complete I am still on the hunt for the perfect eyes/wig and stock for her. She was customized with the Super Dollfie Chi’s make up in mind in case, somehow I ever actually manage to attain her >_<  I originally had different plans for her but I decided to use her in my long-term Chobits goal. Eventually, I have the long term goal of having a good chunk of the Chobits cast in doll form. Yuzuki is just the first step, I plan on eventually having twin Elda and Freya dolls I will probably have two dollfie dreams customized for this purpose and have Sumomo and Kotoko as custom Yo-SD sized bjds. Right now this is all extremely long term plans, I am not sure if I will ever expand my plans outwards to include more characters from Chobits if I was to expand further I would probably be more interested in other Clamp characters rather than just more Chobits characters.

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2 Responses to PSA- Requiemart’s revamped site and first look at custom SD

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Which other CLAMP characters would you be interested in?

    • kleintoys says:

      Long term, I have plans for a large number of custom dollfies on a long enough timeline I will probably all get them in doll form. Clamp-wise after the Chobits dolls I think I would really love a Hikaru (Angelic Layer) I would love to see her full-size. Sakura and Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura would be next on my list but I need them to be like done together and Sakura will have an extensive wardrobe. I would probably also do Mei-lin from Chobits, from there it’s possible I would move unto some characters from Magic Knight Rayearth.

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