140/365- Volks Dollfie Collection

I finally had the time to do something that I had been wanting to do for months now, especially since Illya’s and Feena’s arrival I have been dying to take a new Dollfie Dream group photo. After some thought and deliberation, I decided to include my Volks Super Dollfie Suiseiseki and Hina Ichigo in the photo as well but not my other bjds. I am hoping to do a combined dollfie dream/ bjd group photo next month after the two bjds I have on layaway arrive.
Top Row (left to right)- Kanu, Ryomou, Feena & Estel
Bottom Row (left to right)- Yoko (omega), Suzumiya, Suiseiseki, Hinaichigo, Illya, Rin & Yoko (alpha)

Since I had the dollfies out and about anyway I decided to get some additional photos of them.
I think this photo is probably my favorite of all the ones I took today, Feena somehow looks very dynamic in this one.
Kanu and Ryomou haven’t been outside in forever so I took a few pictures of them together.
I heard Fate/Stay Night Sakura is going to be released soon, I am going to do my best to try and get her which unfortunately means I am probably going to need to acquire at least a Saber if not both releases at some point in the future.
Glad I finally got some pictures of the two of them together.
Suzumiya is kind of my odd doll out now, she is the only doll without a counterpart (technically Nia should be Yoko’s counterpart but Yoko x 2 works too).

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2 Responses to 140/365- Volks Dollfie Collection

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    “I am probably going to need to acquire at least a Saber if not both releases at some point in the future.”


  2. Moonchild says:

    Those pictures are beautiful! 🙂
    I especially love the one of Feena, she looks gorgeous with all the trees around her. 🙂

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