141-144/365- Lucky Star Mama Chapps, Shrine Maidens and more oh my!

I apologize for my absence as of late, I have been having extreme internet troubles the past week and a half. At first I thought the router might have up and died but it appears my building’s wiring is at fault, I called Comcast and they seemed amazed I was able to get any connectivity whatsoever @_@ Someone is coming to rewire the building next week, so I can have reliable internet access again versus days like yesterday where I had ten minutes in the morning and then absolutely nothing until very late in the evening. Trying to get a hold of me can be kind of tricky at the moment ^^;  I am going to very quickly throw together a post to kind of help me get caught up here while my internet connection is actually working for once.

I decided to take my Mama Chapps outside for some photos, seeing how the sun was actually shining and we finally have some good weather.
The official picture of the day is of my my first Mama Chapp, Tsukasa. I am desperately wanting Kagami at the moment but I am trying to be patient and space out the Mama Chapp purchases a bit more although I am not sure about waiting a year like I did between Tsukasa and Konata’s purchase.
I regret not getting the matching Winter School uniform Konata but to be honest I am just extraordinarily happy to have a Konata Mama Chapp.
They are so cute together ❤

I’m still fixated on Lucky Star it seems.. I decided to open up my petit shrine maiden nendoroids for the first time and to photograph them with my Wave Kagami/Tsukasa figures for picture 142. Lucky Star is just so cute, I can’t resist the urge to photograph all the figures from it, it seems ^^;
142/365- Lucky Star Shrine Maidens

One of my personal favorite nendoroids, the Vocaloid Miku cosplay by Kagami of Lucky Star. At first I wasn’t really sure how I felt about the anime characters cosplaying as other anime characters in figure form originally but they have ended up making up some really cute combinations like Kagami/Miku here.

I noticed these small flowers in front of my building and of course, I rapid-fire went through all my figures trying to figure out whose coloring it would best compliment the flowers. The winner turned out to be by an Ilfa figure from To Heart 2 by Kotobukiya. I am still eagerly awaiting my other Ilfa figures and kind of hoping she hasn’t become lost in the mail as it has been a while since I ordered her ^^; SAL seems to be taking a lot longer these days :/

More oh My!
Without the evils known only as the internet to distract me, I found myself in somewhat of a shutterbug mood and decided to take lots of pictures over the past few days (and to start playing Oblivion again because well I haven’t maxed out a dark elf yet this year).
These Vocaloid plushes are actually pretty interesting, I bought them because they were adorable. I was kind of waiting until they were all here to really play with them and I started handling one of the Mikus only to realize they have some form of internal skeleton system that allows them to hold poses, Miku even has pose-able hair. These are so worth the price now, I want to buy the others now and a duplicate of one I don’t like to dissect because I am curious what that skeleton looks like underneath.
I am making somewhat of an effort to photograph all my nendoroids at some point, partially because I am working towards getting better photos of everything and partially because I am kind of falling back in love with nendoroids >_< I have a fair number of them, I am not trying to collect them all or anything but there are some I regret not getting and will probably end up picking up some time in the near future.
Couple of other figures I took down to the flowers, they weren’t the best matches but I liked the contrast they made.

Things should be normal next week I promise X_X

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2 Responses to 141-144/365- Lucky Star Mama Chapps, Shrine Maidens and more oh my!

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Tsukasa/Konata look great together. Good luck on Kagami 😉 I’m sure we’ll see images of her on your blog before long. Kagami is a great character!

    Also I like the cosplay prize figures from SEGA from Lucky Star. Although for nendoroids of Lucky Star in the end I only own petit ones. I have volumes 1,2, and the Bon Festival ones.

    • kleintoys says:

      I really like the Mama Chapp but their massive price for such a relatively small doll kind of deters me (I could easily buy two or three pullips for the cost of one). I will get Kagami eventually but she is not very high priority for me at the moment.

      I think the Macross Frontier x Lucky Star are still my favorites. I don’t have volume 2 of the petits despite the fact I paid for them somehow I never actually got them toyslogic. It was some weird glitch in the system >_<

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