125/365- New arrivals

I finally got some long awaited packages in the mail.  Where to begin? I guess I will go chronologically a BBTS package arrived last week with a K-on nendorid. My eventual plan is to have a complete set of K-on nendoroids and I have been slowly picking them up recently, Tainaka Ritsu turned out to be a tricky little bugger to find. The rest all came together from Yahoo Japan.. My final Lucky Star x Macross Frontier arrived, she was my favorite of the entire set so I was very eagerly anticipating her arrival.  My lucky find which I am hoping will kick start my obsession with Pinky Street is the blue variant King of Fighters Mai Figure, she was probably the hardest one to find of the pinkies I still need to complete my collection. The blue variant was fairly limited and I have been looking for her off and on for a few years now. I ended up caving and getting an Evangelion dollfie in case I ever you know, get an Evangelion dollfie.

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2 Responses to 125/365- New arrivals

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    “Tainaka Ritsu turned out to be a tricky little bugger to find. ”

    I’m surprised, I’m not collecting them myself but I would have bet money that Yui or Mio would have been the hardest.

    • kleintoys says:

      I am still missing one girl from K-on I can’t remember which one though. Ritsu has been the hardest one to find for me so far.

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