124/365- NRFB Dolls

I have a few dolls that I have decided to keep NRFB either permanently or just temporarily. Normally I am not really a NRFB collector, the grand majority of my doll collection is deboxed but these have all managed to stay within their boxy prisions for various reasons. Detective Shinku has been NRFB the longest, I have had her for about two years now. The 1st version of Shinku was my first pullip, having a second out of the box even though it is not the same version would bother me so I made the decision to keep her in the box. Hello Kitty may or may not come out of the box eventually, I bought her to replace Emma who had been customized to become the pullip version of the dal Jouet remembering what a nightmare her wig had been I decided to keep her in the box temporarily and well it’s just been a while (I picked up a 3rd Hello Kitty nude/bald so I have one to play with).  I got Rei back in January, I am keeping her NRFB as a bribe to myself once all the other dolls are put away on their shelves then and only then will I debox her my dolls are in like a perpetual state of chaos and though progress has been made I have still not fulfilled the criteria. Street and Lala were unexpected acquisitions, I decided to keep them in the box for a little while but have yet to debox them. Nahh-ato is not mine, she is just staying NRFB with the rest of my collection until she starts her world travels.
124/365 NRFB Dolls
Since I have taken this picture I have deboxed the two minis, so at least some progress was made.

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