East of the River Comic Books Collectibles Show and 99/365-Haul photo

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post it had come to my attention that there was a mini-comic convention going on in the Hartford area today so I decided to drive back up for the occasion. It was fairly small and held inside an auction house, I am glad I went though as I found some cool stuff and frankly I just go to cons for the dealer room anyway so it was nice to skip the foreplay and skip right to the conquest.
East of the River Comic Books Collectibles Show
East of the River Comic Books Collectibles Show
East of the River Comic Books Collectibles Show
East of the River Comic Books Collectibles Show
For such a small venue they had quite a bit of stuff probably 15 or so different comic book shops were in attendance, I didn’t photograph all the booths just the ones with semi-interesting stuff.

I came expecting to find a bunch of Joker stuff but I didn’t really find much interesting Joker things but I did find some other interesting stuff though.
V for Vendetta
I’m not really sure what this is, I mean I know it is from V for Vendetta (love the comics, like the film) obviously but it’s standard poster size but it’s framed and it is not poster paper material it has a certain texture to it and it almost looks like it was painted, at the very least it has some type of covering over of it. It also came framed, the seller thought it might have been used in a theater or something I’m not really sure but I thought it looked awesome was pretty unique and I managed to talk the seller down to a good price (it was pretty reasonable to start with but I like to bargain ^^; ).
The official 365 picture of the day the other stuff I got at the event. I actually bought most of the stuff from Buried Under’s booth the funny thing being I was just at Buried Under yesterday >_<. I bought the Kia Asamiya Catwoman and Riddler figures from them as well as the Ghost in the Shell 2 statue for about $33 all told definitely not a bad price. I picked up the Temjin robot figure on a whim from one of the other booths as I think some of the accessories may fit my Evangelion figures.. I did pick up some Harley Quinn comics from another booth, my theory being I might want to focus on getting all of Harley Quinn’s appearance first as I am really starting to come to the realization that the Joker is a rather prolific bastard and trying to collect every one of his comic appearances might just be utter madness.

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3 Responses to East of the River Comic Books Collectibles Show and 99/365-Haul photo

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I watched the movie V for Vendetta but I havn’t read the comic (yet).

    • kleintoys says:

      The comic is far superior to the film, I won’t spoil anything for you but certain things like Evey’s transformation are a lot more drastic and it is a lot more violent on the whole.

      • lovelyduckie says:

        I was told that it was better by a few friends, so I’ve been meaning to read the comic. Because I REALLY enjoyed the movie.

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