98/365- More comics & Arkham Asylum

Another Saturday, another crazy quest to hit as many area comic book shops in the area…. of course tomorrow is going to be a continuation of today’s craziness as someone at one of the comic book shop told me of a comic event that happens tomorrow. It’s going to be small but there might just be some new Joker stuff to capture my interest.
98/365 more new stuff
I went back to Buried Under picked up the last two issues of Batman Confidential I wanted (just to realize I actually need/want two more now *faceplam*) as well as the Crisis Joker figure. I picked up Joker’s Apprentice at another nearby store (Hitters and Heroes, I believe) I had actually been looking for that for a while. I did try and venture into the mall but it was way too crowded for my taste so I left very quickly after getting some Invader Zim stuff.. I also hit Toys R’ US as the Manchester one seems to be better stocked than the closer one in Waterford. I finally ended up getting the other 1/6 scale Joker figure, there are two versions of this figure and the only difference I can tell is one comes with a knife while the other comes with cards. At first I was happy with my one with the knife but then it started eating at me that I didn’t own the variant so I finally picked him up today. I also dug through their massive LPS display and found the last three limited editions I had been looking for in vain elsewhere, I was especially happy to find the crocodile. I picked up the Halo game on a whim as it was on clearance and well I like Halo.

I also stopped at Arkham Asylum when I got back towards home, they are literally five minutes from my apartment. My pull box is there and I get most of my monthly comics from them, it’s a pretty neat little comic book shop they almost always have some type of gaming going on(not really a fan) but if it keeps the store open late into the night so I can randomly stop in and pick up comics after 10pm it works for me. For those wondering this store is located in Norwich, CT.
Arkham Asylum
I was pleasantly surprised to see they had been hard at work adding more murals to their store since my last visit like a week and a half ago.
Arkham Asylum
I especially love their Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn mural,something about Harley Quinn is particularly sexy.
Arkham Asylum
I believe these two are Venom and Carnage, I’m not positive though as I am not as familiar with Marvel comics.
Arkham Asylum
Joker was the only painting that wasn’t a new addition, he was there since very soon after their move.
Arkham Asylum sign
I love their store sign ❤

I actually ended up picking up the new issue of Gotham City Sirens and the Nightwing lead figure/magazine combo. While I am trying not to amass a great number of the lead figures I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Nightwing ^^;

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7 Responses to 98/365- More comics & Arkham Asylum

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    WOW I LOVE the murals! Also I kind of wonder if when you go to Comic Book Stores how well the owners/employees spot and recognize you. I kind of picture a situation like Yomiko Readman from Read or Die and how the book stores have her picture up behind the counter with the title “Our Best Customer” 🙂

    • Neya says:

      The comic shop my husband and his friend go to, know both of them by name. And our friend, is (was?) in the top 10 buyers of the store..

      • kleintoys says:

        The shop I frequented before this I was in the top 3 buyers but my boyfriend at the time and my best friend were the other two, we were constantly jockeying back and forth in position. It was great while it lasted but I got into a scuff with one of the employees (I had special ordered something, I had been called literally earlier that day and drove the hour in and suddenly it wasn’t my item anymore as one of the employees had claimed it for themselves) so I left the store and took both of the other top 3 buyers with me.

        About three or four months later, I got a call from the owner begging for us to come back offering free stuff and letting me know that employee had been fired.

      • lovelyduckie says:

        hehehe I love that story

    • kleintoys says:

      I was really impressed with the murals, I am half tempted to see if I can steal their artist for a day and get a Joker painting for myself. Most of the shops I frequent these days recognize and will set stuff aside for me without me having to ask. When I start going to a new store I normally talk to the owner like this is what I am interested in, I will spend a lot of money here if you carry it and can guarantee it will be there for me.

  2. Neya says:

    You are correct on the Marvel characters. I only know, because those are well liked characters by my husband.

    If you like Nightwing, are you reading the current run of Batman, with Dick being Bats?

    • kleintoys says:

      The depth of my Marvel knowledge is basically what I remember from the Saturday morning cartoons unfortunately ^^; I was pretty sure about Venom but I wasn’t positive about Carnage.

      So far I am actually digging him as Batman, I have read some of the current run I am reading roughly about 20 comics a day right now ( ^^;) but I am reading them rather randomly without rhyme or reason though sometimes I read the most recent stuff sometimes it is an arc from five or ten years ago.

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