69/365- Tiger Lily custom Pullip

If I had more forethought I wouldn’t have chose her as my picture of the day yesterday but went for something a bit naughtier, what’s done is done though (maybe I will do a naughty figure photo to make up for it tomorrow). I had always loved Tiger Lily’s character and was a bit disappointed when  Groove Inc. decided to release her as a byul as I wanted her as a doll but I dislike byul quite a bit. I managed to split her with someone for her stock with the eventual idea of a Tiger Lily pullip.
69/365- Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily was customized by Requiemart, she was originally a not so great Nahh-ato custom by unknown customizer that had a few flaws.  Standard procedure when you use blythe chips on a pullip is to sand the blythe chips to make them the mech as they are a tad large but apparently the previous unknown customizer decided to go a different route and carved the eye mech to make it accommodate the chips (the chips literally cost like a $1, mechs are hard to come by and normally sell for $30 or so). A couple of other curiosities came up while she was being customized whatever sealant was used bleached her skintone out and required severe sanding to get it all out and one of her eye sockets had been expertly reshaped but the other had remained untouched making her appear somewhat like a RBL blythe (they have slightly different sized eye sockets). I’m glad Requiemart was able to work her customizing magic and turn Manjula into the super lovely Tiger Lily, I can’t wait to take pictures of her with my Peter Pan pullip.
Tiger Lily

Type 3 pullips have been frustrating me a bit lately, it’s the wrist hinges that are doing it. I had a really hard time getting her to hold her bow and arrow. I don’t plan on obitsuing all of my type 3 pullips but I am planning on swapping out a few of my favorites soon, Cheshire for example is one of the ones on my shortlist to rebody.

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