68/365- A/V Set up

Since everything is hooked back up again in the “new” living room aka. my old dining room (what was my living room is now my doll room) I decided that my picture of the day should be my TV rig. It’s probably the most unfeminine part of my apartment but I combat it with my pink headphones and under TV shoe storage (keep in mind the 14 pairs of shoes seen there is just the tip of the iceberg, I own over 200 pairs ) my preferred 360 controller is also pink although all of my controllers and most of my remotes are actually put away in this photo which is a rare occurrence.

What all is hooked up to the TV you ask?
– Most importantly I have two switches which most of the video game systems are hooked to the TV through, I actually need a third one but haven’t picked one up yet ^^;
– Sony Playstation 1
– Sony Playstation 2 with hard drive (I have a second PS2 hooked up in my bedroom)
– Sony Playstation 3 60 gig Japanese Version with 500 gig laptop hard drive dropped in
– Nintendo 64
– Nintendo Game Cube with Game Boy reader
– Nintendo Wii (actually got it on launch day)
– Xbox
– Xbox 360 elite Halo 3 edition
– Xbox 360 HDD drive
– JVC region-free DVD player
– Sony 5 disc dvd changer (great for blitz watching anime)
– Atari
and you can’t see them because they are on the bottom shelf but..
– Laserdisc player
– CED player

I still need a Dreamcast to be completely happy but I am fairly pleased with my current rig although I need to replace my receiver still as I never bothered to after my bunny chewed through the wires I just opted to run everything through my Sony 51-cd stereo which actually sounds pretty damn good.

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6 Responses to 68/365- A/V Set up

  1. Gil says:

    Nice setup! Looks amazing 😀

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks ❤ Of course, I always get left with the problem of deciding what to play/watch.

    • kleintoys says:

      You can never have too many options. Not having options was my problem for quite a while I only had a PS2 in my room and that was it, it did have it’s advantages every game I owned I would actually play all the way through instead of dropping it and picking up something else mid-way now it’s almost like I have ADD when it comes to games let’s play Arkham Asylum, no Halo, no Tekken 6 >_<

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    On our TV is

    ~Surround Sound

    I really like using our TV as a monitor in the living room. It’s really handy at times.

    • kleintoys says:

      I like to have the ability to play or watch anything I want without too much trouble hence all the different gaming systems etc. My bedroom rig has a Xbox 360 and a PS2 hooked up.

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