67/365- Vampires arrive

I was a bit surprised this morning when my package arrived from Pullipstyle. The package was too large so I knew something was up immediately as I was expecting Ende and maybe a free mini and the box just seemed too large just for them. I did actually buy Ende the dal and Nosferatu the taeyang but I had purchased Nosferatu for Requiemart in exchange for custom work, when I ordered Nosferatu way back in October I triple-checked my paypal and the pullipstyle order sheet to make sure everything was addressed to her and still somehow he shows up here :/ . I rechecked everything today and sure enough he was still supposed to be sent to her. I just ordered Ende a few weeks back I specified that she was to be shipped to me apparently that somehow overrode the previous directive of shipping Nosferatu to Requiemart. This is the first little hiccup I have ever had with ordering with pullipstyle so it is kind of funny. I already worked things out with Requiem who was starting to fear him lost in the mail (she was just glad to know he showed up somewhere) I am going to drop him off when I go to Animadness to go pick up the Vampire pullip when she comes in stock (she sold out on PS and well I wanted an excuse to go back to Animadness next month). In further hilarious news, we did actually get a free mini each I figured chances were pretty good that at least one of them would be one I didn’t have boy was I wrong. Seeing how I had both of them, I gave Requiem first choice of the two and she selected Cat so I am in the process of trying to trade away Sea Police Marilyn for one of the other newer mini pullips/dals at the moment. I literally got Sea Police Marilyn from PS last month as a free promotional mini so it is kind of annoying. I did send Pullipstyle an email basically saying hey this could have been really bad, please try and be more careful in the future but I have yet to receive a response.

I haven’t opened up the dal yet, I am not sure when I will get around to it I still haven’t even opened up Rei who arrived last week. I have decided to continue with the 2010 theme of naming dals after places after some initial discussion of oh her name should be Transylvania which was rejected on the grounds of the possibility of her nickname being tranny it was decided that her name should be Salem. Not really after Salem, MA although that is the most infamous Salem but Salem, CT which is pretty close to where I grew up which had it’s own little somewhat fascinating history.

I am kind of anxious to get my hands on the pullip, she was the most striking of the three for me unfortunately she sold out too soon. I already have a name picked out for her Hecate. I was kind of surprised by Groove Inc’s level of detail they actually included several sets of the little stick on fangs with the dolls, I personally think they are pretty stupid (^^;) but at least it is a step in the right direction quality-wise all the previous dolls with stick-ons just came with one set and if you screwed those up you were sol.

Edit: I just received an email back from Pullipstyle and it seriously made me laugh out loud ^^; (all is forgiven). They were apologetic but it boils down to the fact that I order so many dolls that they know my address by heart, when they seen my name when they were going down the list they automatically shipped it to me.

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2 Responses to 67/365- Vampires arrive

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    WOW the Pullip sold out? I’ve been a bit separate from the world of Pullips in terms of actively ordering. I’m currently working on fixing up that Arietta to match the look I had in mind for her. But I glanced at Pullip Style the other day and saw many of the Pullip faces I was used to seeing in stock disappearing. Was pretty surprised.

    Also do you think Groove is producing less quantities at a single time then JUN Planning did? I don’t mind either way, I was just curious.

    • kleintoys says:

      Not permanently but it will be almost a full month before a restock happens. PS will periodically take dolls off the site while they are waiting for them to restock but I know Hello Kitty and Drta are permanently sold out now. I have multiples of each so it doesn’t really matter to me.

      I think Pullip is gaining in popularity maybe? It seems a lot more collectors have joined up because of the recent anime collaborations.

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