Arrival- Illya Mini Dollfie Dream

This is a bit overdue, as Illya has been home with me for just about a week now. I managed to take her out last week, a few days after her arrival for a photo shoot. I am still having issues adjusting to the MDD body, I still have a really hard time getting her to stand on her own. Her body is such a pain, I ended up deciding that my Komugi custom which I had planned on putting on a MDD is now going to be a hybrid and is going to be put on a 50cm obitsu.
This picture is probably my favorite of the pictures I have taken of her so far, it also kind of freaks me out a bit because this photo makes her look the most real out of probably all my doll photos ^^;
It surprisingly turned out to be pretty popular on and ended up being one of the pictures of the day, it was the first time any of my photos were selected so I thought that was pretty neat.
This one of the few shots I got of her standing and she was basically propping herself up against the wall in it.
I have a bizarre fascination with putting my dollfies in trees (Rin and Yoko (alpha) were previously tree climbers as well). Don’t worry she is not up nearly as far as she looks, she is up approximately 6-7 ft in the air and the rest is camera/angle tricks it of course helps that I am pretty short to begin with for these types of photos ^^; .
Here’s a close up of her posed in the tree, I needed a slight boost for this shot ^^; Curse my short stature which ironically makes me want to bond with her more as a MDD.
I don’t regret getting her as I do adore her I just wish her MDD body was a bit more complian, it is definitely making me hesitate on the other MDDs on my wish list.

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2 Responses to Arrival- Illya Mini Dollfie Dream

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I want a pic OTD on Tsuki someday! But I think I need to be more creative with my backgrounds to do it.

  2. K says:

    I love Illya. great shots :). She looks gorgeous 🙂

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