63/365- Animadness Pullip Meet (plus event report)

The Meet
I attended the Winter Animadness Pullip meet today. First let me explain the madness involved with going to this meet, due to my insanely tight schedule this week I had basically packed all the dolls except the bjds this past Monday and then last night something came up and I thought I wouldn’t be able to attend the meet which of course meant I spent all last night unpacking the dolls, then this morning the situation changed and I could attend again so I had to repack everything in about a two hour time frame and I brought approximately 30 dolls with me. I brought a pretty good selection of dolls including pullips, dals, a couple of taeyangs, dollfie dreams, super dollfie, blythes and a little fee while it is primarily a pullip meet,  there is always someone curious about the other types of dolls and it is a good chance to see one in person if you are kind on the fence about trying a different type of doll especially with the more expensive dolls as that is a lot of money to spend just to find out you don’t like the doll.
63/365 Animadness Meet
In this picture all of the dolls on the lowest shelf and all of the ones sitting/standing on the ground with the exception of Big Pullip (who belongs to requiemart) are mine. There were about twenty collectors at the meet today and well over a 100 dolls there. The official picture of the day is one of most of the dolls lined up on the dvd shelves, there were other dolls at the meet but this was taken pretty early on before everyone arrived and a few dolls like my Jouet and Requiemart‘s Joel were off getting their pictures taken when I took this picture.

The meet there was still a bit chaotic, but it was better planned than last time and there was a bit more room this time too.
Swap stuff
There was eventually a swap, I managed to swap for a Mini Pullip Berry and sell a few items. Speaking of selling a few items, my money situation was kind of hilarious today I have a separate bank account for my fun money and I won’t let myself spend any of my other money on fun stuff. I had pretty steadily been splurging this month and I had literally just splurged on a Volks Yo-SD in the last few days and just paid her off and had just enough leftover to pay off a custom doll I had on layaway. When I heard I wasn’t going to be able to go to the meet it was like okay because I don’t really have funds to buy another doll right now anyway and I know I would want one if I went. Then I was told I could go again, I was basically on a mission to find funding. I dug around in my different hoody pockets, purses etc and managed to scrape together $60 further scraping once I got in the car got me up to around $75 made enough from sales to get me up to $86 and due to their sales special with 10% off I was just able to buy the doll I wanted (I did have to borrow a quarter from a friend >_< ).  Never let it be said I give up easily.

Of course that brings up the question of what I did buy as I did not buy a pullip, a dal or even a taeyang. I actually bought a Hestia, Hestia was a line of dolls put out by Jun Planning that was later discontinued they were seemingly replaced by J-doll. Hestia’s entire thing was that two dolls were released concurrently and the dolls were a set of twins Rib(b)on and Isora. Both dolls would have a similiar theme but the dolls themselves would kind of be opposites of each for example one month the releases were priestess outfits one appeared to be holy priestess dressed in white while the other appeared to be a priestess of the dark arts and was dressed all in black. I bought the first release of Rib(b)on, I didn’t take any pictures of her yet but I will tomorrow. I also got two nude hestias from requiemart as she bought them to harvest their clothes from.

And the photo ops
Quit climbing on the furniture
My Jouet, Gelato is a bit of a brat apparently and would not stop harassing her brother Joel. Joel is a requiemart custom taeyang made to resemble the dal Jouet, she also made a pullip Jouet named Joyette whom I own. Joyette was supposed to come to the meet today unfortunately while she was packed up on Monday, in all the rush today of trying to get all the other dolls together I was unable to locate her in time to bring her along.
Paja and Pajelle
I couldn’t resist taking a picture of my Paja, Raja and Requiemart’s custom Paja dal Pajelle. I do hope she eventually decides to rehome her..
Kaya and Nightfall's Tigerlilly hanging out
There was actually a byul at this meet :O It was my first time seeing one in person, I have to say they are still not really for me. I did decide to take a picture of Tigerlily with my Happy Birthday Pullip 2 Kaya though.
Little Fee Ante (s)
Catcraig also brought along her along Little Fee Ante so we decided to snap a picture of the two of them together, mine is the one with the acid green fur wig.

While I do like seeing everyone’s dolls at meets some of the mystique is kind of hampered by my having all the dolls for the most part ^^; Of course, I was super excited to see zombuki Cheshire’s new look (or as she is now known unzombuki) but more on that later..
Picture 1848

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2 Responses to 63/365- Animadness Pullip Meet (plus event report)

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Oh Hestia? I’ve been curious about her. If I were to go to a Pullip meet I would only have 3 dollies to bring. But I keep really good care of the 3 I decided to keep. They each have a lovely yukata and other outfits worthy of their beauty. But I have a hard time taking them out of the yukatas! I just love them so much! I really need to take more pictures of my trio.

    • kleintoys says:

      I haven’t taken many photos of them yet, I have actually only taken photos of the one actually http://www.flickr.com/photos/pullip_junk/sets/72157623159644029/ . They are kind of different and interesting, honestly though the coffin is what did me in.

      There were some people there that just brought one doll, I think one girl may have even bought her first full-sized one there that day she did bring a few minis. I ask people for requests on who they would like to see because I have everyone and I remember how much I liked being able to see dolls in person before I got them.

      In my experience, it doesn’t matter how many you have as long as you are happy. For some people that mean for others it may 236 >_<

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